By exploiting the know-how and the patents of the group and the partners, Technofluids International aims at gaining international leadership in energy and environment fields. The primary aim of Technofluids International is to achieve the greatest possible solution at the lowest possible cost.

Our carefully prepared research program with our sincere international partners has allowed us to develop advanced techniques, whereby energy can be saved and wastes can be recycled or reduced to a great extent.

Technofluids International provides the most cost-effective energy and environmental solution to the customers through our strong international networks all over the world. We believe we can help you solve your energy and environmental problems with saving your time and money.

Technofluids International’s core business areas are;

  • Integrated treatment of process oil wastes resulting from oil & gas and petrochemical activities
  • Treatment, reclamation, and recovery of metal processing fluids
  • Solid/liquid forced separation
  • Energy from renewable sources / the thermo-volumetric motor/generator
  • A fluid-bed electrochemical cell to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in metalworking fluids and for wastewater purification and selective metal recovery
  • Separation of immiscible fluids including hydrocarbons from water
  • Ethylene glycol recovery from gas production waters
  • Purifying treatment for agroindustrial wastes

If you have any question or request, please contact us without any hesitation.

Liquid-Liquid Separation

WaterWall® - Complete separation of non-miscible liquids at high flow rate.

Metalworking Fluids Treatment

WaterWall® application: The most cost-effective integrated recovery process to extend the life of metalworking fluids(coolants).

Solid-Liquid Separation

Techno-Floc®: Purification process of polar liquid wastes containing colloidal dispersion of solvated particles.

Waste Heat Recovery

TTVM/G® (Torini Thermo-Volumetric Motor/Generator): A waste heat recovery type generator which offers the ability to convert waste heat into electric energy.